At Aramis Group, we believe that our people hold the key to solving our challenges. That’s the reason why we follow our 7 management principles daily:

Delighting Customers

Customer now, customer tomorrow, customer for life.

More than satisfied customers, we want delighted customers. We are all responsible for ensuring they are thrilled by their experience – this is our number one objective. Every change we make must create value for them and contribute to solving their problems.

People are the solution

In people we trust.

We have faith in our employees to overcome challenges through problem-solving and personal development. We are constantly learning, and we support each other towards growth.


Always raise the bar.

Never be afraid of a challenge; We’ve taken up the challenge to make buying cars easier. We are always looking for innovative ideas to improve our customer experience and our people’s work environment.


Aramis Group is made up of brands who share the same ambition and values.

Members are encouraged to develop synergy, without dependency. Being close to customers is instrumental in delivering the best value for them.


We’re stronger and we go further together.

To make good decisions we always work as a team of teams, fully committed to every change we make. To make it happen, we have a common focus, we openly share the problems we face, as many heads are better than one when it comes to finding the right solution. We practice kaizen – continuous improvement – to strengthen links between teams.

Respect for people

In order to be able to speak freely and solve problems, we provide a safe environment.

We listen and we inform. We make every effort to understand each other to build mutual trust. If a staff member raises a problem, we thank them because it is a proof of strength and confidence to ask for help. We do not solve their problems for them; we support them as they find a solution, so that they can take ownership of their success.


Go and see where we create value, starting with reducing wasteful practices.

It is done with the intention of discovering and facing our customers’ problems and those of our people. We don’t look with our eyes, we look with our feet, because we believe that we always get a better understanding of complex situations when we are in the field.

Aramis Group