Delight customers

Customer now, customer tomorrow, customer for life. Our objective is to delight our customers; delighted customers will come back again and are our best ambassadors. We are all responsible for ensuring that our customers are satisfied; this is our number one target. Every change we make must create value for them and help solve their problems.

People are the solution

In people we trust, processes are the problem. We have faith in our teams to overcome our challenges by solving problems and developing their skills. This is why we all work within a learning system; we give our people the means to support them in everyday life and they grow by training through exercises.

Go & see

Go and see where we create value, starting with hunting down waste. This is done with the intention of discovering and addressing our customers’ problems and those of our teams. We do not look with our eyes, but with our feet, and we believe that we always gain a better understanding of complex situations when we are in the field.


Aramis Group is made up of companies that share the same ambition and values. Members are encouraged to develop synergies, but without dependencies. Being close to our customers is instrumental in delivering the best value for them.

Practice teamwork

Stronger and further together. To make good decisions, we always work as a team of teams, to all commit to every change we make. To make this happen, we have a core focus, we openly share the problems we face, because collectively we are more powerful working as one to find the right solution. We obtain commitment and then we leverage kaizen (continuous improvement) to strengthen the links between our teams.

Respect for people

Respect means that we do our best to build mutual trust and mutual responsibility across all our stakeholders (customers, teams and partners) with sincere communication because we respect their intelligence above all. To be able to talk and work on problems in order to improve, we provide a safe environment, we listen and we inform.

Greener driving

At Aramis Group, we work hard to combine preserving our individual mobility and having the smallest possible impact on the environment. With our affordable, reliable, refurbished car offer, we operate at the heart of the circular economy. With every change we make, we challenge ourselves to tackle waste in order to reduce the impact on the environment.

Raise the bar!

Continuously raising the bar, we face and take up the challenge to make buying cars easier. We look for a “WOW” effect to give our teams purpose. We are always looking for innovative ideas to improve our customer experience and our people’s working environment.

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