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08 . 02 . 2021

Strong revenue growth in 2020. A solid performance driven by its digital model, the quality of its offer and the commitment of its employees.

  • 2020[1] turnover up 12% to €831 million.
  • 9% increase in sales volume with 67,500 cars sold compared to 62,000 in 2019.
  • The Group's digital platforms attracted 39.9 million visits in 2020 compared to 27.4 million in 2019, up 46%.
"This good performance is driven by the dynamism of our activities in France, our historical market, and in Spain; it reflects the resilience of our business model, which places the customer and digital technology at the centre of our strategy, and illustrates the strong commitment of our employees on a daily basis," explains Nicolas Chartier, co-founder and co-chairman of Aramis Group. "The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the evolution of consumer purchasing behaviour, which has led to an increase in online sales in all sectors, including the automotive one. Today, more than 90% of Aramisauto's sales are initiated remotely," adds Guillaume Paoli, co-founder and co-chairman of Aramis Group. Paris, February 8, 2021 - Aramis Group, a European leader in the online sale of used cars through its 3 brands Aramisauto (in France), Clicars (in Spain) and Cardoen (in Belgium), today published its sales for the year ended September 30, 2020. The Group recorded sales of €831 million, up a strong 12% on 2019, despite a particularly difficult health and economic context. This good performance can be explained by the change in purchase behaviours, with consumers increasingly using digital technology to choose and buy their cars, as well as by Aramis Group's competitive price positioning in a context of constrained purchasing power. The Group has also reaped the benefits of pioneering services such as home delivery, introduced in France in 2016, and immersive digital discovery of vehicles online (360° photos). Finally, the refurbishing offer in France and Spain has given rise to new quality standards, the result of the unique know-how of the employees who work at the two industrial reconditioning sites located in Donzère (France) and Madrid (Spain). In France, Aramisauto saw its turnover increase by 16% to 596 million euros in a market where new and used car sales fell by 25.5% and 3.8%[2] respectively. The brand quickly adapted to the health constraints thanks in particular to the development of its expertise in 100% distance selling and the rapid and large-scale deployment of trade-in and contactless home delivery.  Aramisauto has once again been included in the Great Place to Work[3] awards, demonstrating the relevance of its management model. In Spain, Clicars' digital positioning enabled the brand to record an exceptional performance with an 89% increase in turnover to 65 million euros, in a market that was down 27.4% for new cars and 10.3% for used cars[4]. The brand has capitalised on its experience in 100% remote sales and trade-ins and in home delivery (77% of total deliveries) to gain market share from traditional car distributors. Clicars was also named e-commerce startup of the decade[5]. In Belgium, Cardoen recorded a limited decline in turnover of 10% to 178 million euros. The brand has embarked on a promising digital transformation: its private sales activity has shown good resilience, posting a slight 1% drop in turnover in a national market that is down 22% for new cars and 6% for second-hand cars[6]. Cardoen was also the first player in Belgium to offer home delivery from April 2020 in order to better meet its customers' expectations in this constrained context. The Group's good performance in 2020 is the result of the strong commitment of its employees, who have demonstrated their autonomy, flexibility and responsiveness in order to continue to serve their customers, despite the health constraints.   About Aramis Group Aramis Group is a European leader in the online sale of used cars and brings together three brands: Aramisauto, Cardoen and Clicars, respectively in France, Belgium and Spain. The Group is transforming the used car market and uses digital technology to improve customer satisfaction with a wide range of multi-channel services. In 2020, the Group recorded a turnover of €831 million, sold more than 67,000 vehicles and has more than 800 employees through its network of 48 agencies and two refurbishment centres. The Group's websites attracted 39.9 million visits in 2020. [1] Year ended September 30,2020 [2] Source: CCFA, press release [3] Source: Great Place to Work 2020 [4] Source: Ancove | Asociación Nacional de Comerciantes de vehículos, January 2021 [5] Source: E-commerce Awards Espana [6] Source: Traxio, January 2021
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